2018 JUNE Final Projects

The capstone of the appsForGirls camp is the final project. In teams of up to four, girls are challenged to develop an CS+X or +Social Good app on their own and present it to the group at a final icecream party.

Here's the presentation with the guidelines:



Fashion Teller is an app that shows you a variety of outfits, and based on whether you answer "yes", "no" or "sort of" to each one, it tells you what your prominent style is. The four results the app generates are "you are lame & plain", "you are a casual queen", "you are a sporty star" and "you are fancy schmancy".

LOCKED (CS + Games)

Locked is an escape room game where you have to go through a series of doors, collect the keys behind each door, and then unlock other doors with those keys till you reach the exit.


Block Bullying is an app that helps people face bullying and learn to make less violent decisions. It allows users to communicate with each other and discuss their feelings/experiences about bullying so that they know that they are not alone, decreasing stress that could be the effect of bullying. The app features a chat page and a decision-Making Page so users can learn important vocabulary related to bullying and they also learn how to make the best decisions in a conflicted situation.


Calorie Counter helps you keep track of your calorie intake everyday so that you don't go over the suggested limit and encourages you to eat healthy by having a log of the fruits and vegetables you consume.


This garage band-style music app allows you to mish and mash a set of pre-recorded sounds to create your own composition and save it to your phone. Any combination of sounds are go together well with each other so that the app is easy to use and there is always a sense of achievement.


Healthy Meals stores many hand-picked healthy recipes for any time of the day, available at your fingertips. It informs you on what you should include on your daily meals, including facts on nutrition and the consuming of calories.


This tennis game takes a twist on space invader by having a different "shooting" method for the player depending on which tennis move you pick. Fun, engaging way for users to learn more about the actions of tennis.

GOGGLES (CS + Sports)

Goggles is an app for competitive swimmers that generates sets for your practices depending on the situation, allows you create custom sets you may use a lot, and saves all these sets through an account. With this app, swimmers and coaches will never be out of or need to recreate sets again, whether it be in practices or competitions.

FATTY FUN (CS + Games + Health)

Fatty Fun is a fat cat app that challenges you to teach Pusheen to exercise so that she will lose weight and be healthy again. As you exercise Pusheen (under timer constraints), you walk through the many different types of daily exercises we can do to keep ourselves strong and healthy. This app not only encourages us to take care of our pets, but also to take take of ourselves physically.

NYAN DOG (CS + Games + Art)

Nyan Dog is a random maze generator game that awards you points every time you lead Nyan Dog to the bone without touching any of the other objects on the screen along the way. Complete with seamless animation and different color schemes, this app teaches you how to get around roadblocks.

MATH FACTS (CS + Math Education)

With 300 problems total across 3 difficulty levels, this app hones your basic math skills like no other.


For those who struggle with the original Fruit Ninja, this beginner version is especially suitable for younger kids, the elderly, people with disabilities, or just people in general who find Fruit Ninja a tad too difficult for them but still want to enjoy the game.

Also some Fruit Ninja Merch:


A quiz app that tests you on all the different genres of music. Perfect for any trivia fans or music geeks.

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