2017 Final Projects

At the culmination of the program, girls were challenged in groups of no more than 4 to create their own apps from start to finish and design icons.

You can find the presentation here: CS + X & Final Project

The girls were incredibly creative. Throughout the process, we ran into a lot of obstacles and errors. Fortunately, through extensive debugging and hard work from everyone, all the apps ran successfully at the final presentation! Afterwards, we passed out swag bags, certificates, and icecream.


Description: Just Breathe is an app that helps people with S.A.D or social anxiety disorder, which affects around 200,000 people in the US each year. It is a multiple screen app that features breathing exercises, meditation, cognitive behavior therapy, and a journal. See the presentation here.


Description: A dog is going walking around and at random moments pooping on the ground. The mother dog which is you, has to go around and pick up the poop. If there are 5 or more poops at any time, then it will rain poop emoji and you have to start over. This app teaches users to be responsible, not litter, and clean up after your dog (or yourself).


Description: Trendy Girl allows you to dress up in and combine a huge variety of tops, bottoms, shoes, and dresses. At the same time, it sends you encouraging messages to be yourself and try to on crazy styles and reminds you that you look beautiful no matter what.


Description: Coloring book apps have been popular on the app store in the past year to boost creativity in kids and help relieve stress in adults. This is a coloring book app that lets you color in different pictures of primarily cupcakes. Includes a blank canvas in case you want to draw something from scratch.


Description: Fat Cat challenges you to get the cat as fat as you can in 60 seconds and comes with interesting cat facts as well as tips on how to take care of a cat. It warns you against obesity and sends the message to be responsible with your pets.


Description: The goal of the game is get the puppy to the end of the maze while collecting as many stars as possible, avoiding the spikes, and not bumping into the walls of the maze. PAV Games was born with this app, their name coming from the first initials of the three team members.


Description: In Cash Collector, you earn points by shooting the coins you have at the moving money before it all gets spent and the mall closes. This game teaches you to you save your money and make wise choices on where to spend it. See the presentation here.


Description: 2 Truths & a Lie - Celebrity Version is a trivia game that tests your logical thinking skills, helps you become more cultured, and teaches you core facts about some of the most famous people today.


Description: This is a hard game that requires focus and concentration to shoot the bullet at the target. Every time it hits, you gain points depending on where it lands, and the target also changes color.


Description: Modeled after Whack-a-mole, react quickly and slam the emoji face with a pie to earn points.

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